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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Next Generation Recycling is a true leader in Class A & B recycling.

Here is the evolution of our company….

Due to all of the environmental problems associated with the build-up of waste generated across the state of New Jersey, it has become increasingly important for local companies to comply with the general rules and regulations for the proper disposal and recycling of waste. We all want to protect our environment, which is why it’s so important to dispose of waste properly.


Here at Next Generation Recycling, we help recycle and dispose of waste. We are here to accept your wood waste. Operating as a recycling facility in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area, we have built a solid reputation for ourselves. We offer flexible, safe, and first-class services to all of our customers in our Pennsauken and surrounding areas.


We’ve consistently offered compliant, responsible recycling solutions, and our services are available at affordable prices. Once you hire us to dispose of your wood waste, you won’t be held liable for any environmental issues in the future.

We have always honored our commitment to the community and the environment, and we guarantee the prompt disposal of your wood with minimal residual waste every time.

We are looking forward to accepting new customers. To begin your recycling and disposal journey with us, give us a call today!

Take your next haul to Next Generation Recycling!